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I chose to collaborate as a path to create my dream job.

I didn’t want to make this journey all alone.

I desired friends and collegaues to struggle the struggles and highs of entrepreneurship.  At Caroline & Rusty’s  wedding last May.  I was blessed with the opportunity to work with a nothing short of amazing planner.  Her name is Shelley of Events with Shelley.

I admired her work ethic and pleasant demeanor.  Just like that feeling you get in grade school I wanted her to be my friend.

I am so glad she and I have been able to join creative minds on styled shoots, vendor grand openings and encouraging one another. collaborate

Reasons I chose to collaborate with other vendors to build my dream business,

  • It connects me to other professionals.  Since I work from home it is important to build relationships and network.  It prevents feeling isolated.
  • It gets me out of the house.  Meeting with other is something I look forward to each week.  It is a highlight of my work week.
  • Change of environment.  Meeting for coffee or to work on projects in a visualing appeal environment is way to keep those creative flowing.
  • Two heads are better than one.  I value the judgement and opinion of industry professionals.  Their insights and knowledge is a valuable resource.


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Routine –  I’m wondering if other couples have a something that you began at the start of your married life that you want to start again.

Maybe because you miss the joy or comfort of the activity. Or because what you are doing instead isn’t as beneficial or fun.

Recently, my husband and I have returned to Saturday morning routine clean-up.  Now that I am focusing on photography full-time and homeschooling we make very little time to clean our house during the week.

With our daughters in college our household of 5 is a household of 3 for 9 months out of the year.  There is less to clean during the week.

So Saturday mornings we eat pancakes from Soby’s on the Side .  Then return home and blast music throughout the house and proceed to clean.

I love that time together taking care of our home.  I think my husband looks sexy folding laundry with perfect military precision.  He passes inspection every week.

When we lived in DC going to hear live music was our usual date night.  We caught shows at Fort Dupot  to Wolf Trap Performing Arts Center.  Lately, we have begun concert going once again.  I am looking forward to Maxwell & Gregory Porter this summer.  Crossing my fingers we can see Leon Bridges & Lianna La Havas and Kendrick Lamar next year.

I yearn for the comfort and security of routinue.  I can thank my Mom for that.  She ran our house like clockwork.

What routines would you like to re-ignite in your marriage?


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west elm

“Let’s cook some Risotto together.”

My husband said from his comfortable spot on the couch.  He was,  I thought deep into the basketball game.

Those words melted my heart.  My husband asked me to cook with him. To share quailty time together making one of our favorite dishes.

I was more important to him than the NBA. lol

From the outside looking in marriage often gives the false appearance that it gets easier with time.  After 20 plus years of marriage a man and woman just begin to flow together.  Like Magic.  Yeah Right.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The real truth is the work gets harder.  But the reward is 100x greater.

I think because we tend to overlook the small  stuff.

As life chugs forward simple acts of love, kindness & appreciation that blew your mind in the beginning become mundane and forgotten.

A close neighbor offered on more than once that it’s the simple acts that carry you through the rough times.

Offering to cook dinner together and possiblying missing an ESPN highlight play is a priceless gesture.


KISS – keep it simple stupid and don’t lose your love.


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This week has been like the first drop on a roller coaster.  Extrerating and stomach dropping.  That first drop sets the tone of excitment right around the bend,  Next month kicks off wedding season and I am anticapting the rush of excitement with an eager heart.

I want to share what I am looking forward to reading this Sunday morning.  All snuggled up with my cuddle buddy hubby, cup of tea & iPad.  Rain or shine a lazy Sunday is heavenly.

beautyIris Apfel – The Coveteur  May I suggest watching “Iris” her biographical documentary on Netflix.

After teasing my daughter about watch endless beauty vloggers I must confess I’m hooked.

Tamira Jarrel is one of my faves.  She is beautiful, bold, & desires to be nothing more than herself.  Love her!!

Exploring a health new passion with friend (she is a longtime juicer) will be diving into Juicing. Looking forward to discovering the health & beauty benefits and my fave blends.



Warsan Shire the poetry of Lemonade.  Thank you Bey for introducing me a formdible poet.

April Harrison WilsonHarland Miller   saving my pennies to have your work.



Have a great weekend!!!

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wedding gown


Ugh!  After today’s lesson in fractions with my son.  I just wanted to post something pretty. 😉

Just like that I feel better.

It is all in the prep – I know all his hard work & frustation will give way to success down the road.

Sometimes the path is messy and hard.  Pretty photos can lift my spirits every time.


Happy Monday!!

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  • April 25, 2016 - 9:00 pm

    Angela Perry - Lovely. Simply lovely. And what a profound remedy for a rough day. A beautiful photo. You definitely love what you do.ReplyCancel